Thursday, October 12, 2017

Could it be a faded rose?

Some of you of a certain vintage might be flashing on an early 70's country pop song. That was the summer I spent some time with one of my uncles driving gravel truck, once watching as a he drove along a road that was essentially the border and expressed his opinion of the USA in a liquid form, (I was seriously impressed), and listening as he sang (being generous here) along to the country songs of the day.

The light got really nice for a while this afternoon for these rose shots. In lots of ways I like the faded blooms even more as subjects than the 'pretty' blossom. There is more texture and the shapes are more crumpled and interesting. Sometimes the colours are even more intense.

Plus there are buds! I'll keep an eye on them over the winter to see if they are as photogenic as the two buds from last year. Certainly they will be harder to capture.

So here's the roses.

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