Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Attack of the fuzzy brain

Today started wonderfully. The paperwork was in an envelope with my phone sitting on top of it. I had a plan, and all my gear packed. I decided to do a swim and a run today, since I had a meeting downtown mid-morning. Both went very well. Extremely well.

We did a CSS test to see what my Critical Swim Speed is. Not going to go into detail. If you're a swimmer you either know what this is, or can look it up. And if you're not, you won't. My times are a bit better than the last time I tried this, but not much. Enough to go from trying to swim 1:52 on 10 seconds rest to try to swim 1:46 on 10 seconds rest. Lately I've been doing 1:45 or less on about 15 seconds rest. My 400 m time was 6:47, and the 200 m time was 3:14, though I didn't push hard enough. I wasn't especially out of breath at the end.

Walked a bit to warm up, then ran 4.25 K in 30 min on the treadmill, varying the speed and watching my heart rate. All good. Walked more to cool down. Started getting changed afterward, then wondered where my phone was. Oops. Fortunately in several senses of the word it was still on the treadmill when I got back.

Then I had lots of time to park and walk to my meeting to deliver the paperwork. Which, as I figured out just as I got going north on McLeod Trail, was still sitting on the kitchen table. Oops!

One of my major rules for life got huge validation today. When you leave lots of time, things will go well. You'll catch the lights, you'll get the rock star parking, no idiots will be in your way. Since I was in a rush to zoom home and then get back downtown again, I caught every light red, sometimes just as I thought I was going to get through. A cab cut me off on Glenmore to get in front of me on the exit to 14th, and drove 30 kph around the exit, and dithered about changing lanes. There were several geezers that impacted my drive. Let's just say I lost my shiz in a fairly major way, but there was no actual road rage. I'm just glad nobody was with me in the car.

The paperwork was delivered, and I start at Keyera next week on a short term data migration contract. The idea is that it will be part time, matching up vessel data for them, and identifying what needs to go out to the field again. Then again, I haven't seen their data yet.

This fits in well with my semi-retirement model. I've had 5 months off work, and loved it. Now I'll work a bit, over the last bit of winter and spring when the weather is, shall we say, unpredictable. Then I'll have the summer and fall off when it's nice, and see what happens on the contracting front.

I am pretty sure that forgetting the paperwork was a momentary brain spasm, and not a sign of impending dementia. Just because the person thinks they still have all their marbles in an orderly pattern doesn't necessarily mean that other people think that. Then again, maybe my brain is getting a bit fuzzy, as demonstrated by this photo from the Fish Creek walk the other day.

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  1. Congrats on the new part-time gig! Now you can buy more camera stuff!!$$$


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