Saturday, February 4, 2017


I've spent the last couple of days working my way through this book.

I've even taken notes, that's how good it is. There are 52 photographs. I'd look carefully and think about it. The author explains why they are good photographs and the photographer adds their 2 cents. Sometimes it gets a bit artsy-fartsy but I'm pretty pleased at the level of detail.

Digression 1. My problem with how-to books is finding the right level of detail between topic x for dummies, and topic x by experts showing off to other experts and expert wannabes. Don't get me started on how-to videos, I usually only want to watch the relevant small number of seconds, and I'm forced to sit through blither.

This book hits the sweet spot, explaining what it is that makes it a good image. Some of them break "the rules" and that makes it even more brilliant. The book is out of the library so I've got it a few more weeks, and I'll be leafing through it some more. Making more notes, thinking about how to apply the ideas to my own photography.

For once it isn't about equipment. Most of the time they mention the technical side, and it's often a medium format camera and film, but they don't go on about it. One of the photographers makes a point of not saying what equipment, pointing out that the person is the important element. The photographer needs to develop an eye for light and learn how to use their camera to capture the image they see in their head.

Just in case you were curious, The cheapest medium format digital camera I could find is $5K. The most expensive? Take a deep breath. $45K, American. Yes, 45 thousand dollars for a camera, then you have to go buy lenses. You would have to be a very serious, very experienced, very committed photographer to make it worth buying one of these.

On to fitness. Still working on that, coming off a big training week. Yay me! I tried the first CSS swim set today, swimming essentially the same speed but with only 10 seconds recovery instead of 15 to 20. So far so good. The running is going well, cranky hamstrings aside in the most recent run. I've even been on the bike for a spin session.

Did you notice I signed up for a half marathon in June? There's 4.5 months to build consistency and try to pry some speed out of my legs.

Digression 2. There are a bazillion training plans out there, and that's before the customized ones from a coach show up. Lots of people are deeply into training plans, figuring the right one will optimize their training time in their busy life. They obsess about running the right number of minutes at the right effort level the right number of times a week. I have quite enough to keep track of, and I'm going to work at consistency first, and a more gradual build than last year.

It may all get a little trickier what with a short term contract I've accepted, but it's part time. It's going to be interesting going back to work. I've already starting tweaking my clothes. The black pants I wore last at work were a little loose, but the next size down was too tight.

Well, in 5 months loose has become baggy. I went shopping for new pants. My female readers, please don't hate me. From the time I left the car, bought 4 pairs of pants (2 dress, 2 jeans) and a belt, and got back to the car was 20 minutes.

I didn't feel up to shirts, but I know that one of the regular shirts is feeling a little snugger than it used to. I'd like to believe that's from bigger shoulders from swimming. Maybe I'm just not used to buttoned shirts any more, mostly I wear t shirts or a sweat shirt. I'll probably have to do some shopping there too.

Here's a splash of sunset colour to play you out.


  1. I shop for clothes the exact same way *fist bump*

  2. Congratulations on the job, and registering for the 1/2. That book sounds very interesting. In terms of the last 3/4 days, that is nice location you found in False Cree,k and I very much liked your sun-dog photo. Cheers


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