Thursday, February 16, 2017

Feeling fuller

There's lots going on in my head these days. In between work stuff, the novel and photography ideas are swirling. I'm missing a bit of peace and quiet time, and have been going to bed earlier trying to keep up with recovery.

I found this photo, from a late January walk in Votier's flats in Fish Creek. It's so calm and peaceful, it brings some serenity to my thoughts just looking at it.

I'm not standing in the water, contrary to appearances. There was a convenient ice shelf.

The swim is going well, working on CSS pace. I'll probably have another go tomorrow.

Ran 4 K in 26:30 along the path during lunchtime today. Warm! Shorts and a tech shirt warm.
There's still puddles and icy patches to be careful of, but it's such a joy to be running outside. Less joyful is the cranky hams and quads. It took about 2 K to feel warmed up, and going up the tiny little inclines along the path was hard sledding.

I think I'll go roller them.

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