Monday, February 27, 2017

Two of a bridge

Here we go, another walk through Fish Creek. First from early Feb, and then today.

Any preference?

If you look carefully you'll see these are the same bridge. You did notice that, yes? Bridge 6, if you were wondering. I think it's the longest one over Fish Creek.

Panorama shots are tough. They look nice when you can spread them all over your monitor, but not so much squished into the blog space. The first is a 100 mm lens, and the second is 70-200. I'll have to try with a wide angle lens and see how that turns out.

For all that I went out specifically to shoot bridges 4, 5, 6, and 7, my favourite images from today are not bridges. This little bit of exposed water somehow reminded me of a spine.

I think this one would have been better with a wide angle, but you shoot what you're carrying.

I suppose if I didn't have a cat right on my case about getting fed, I could work the stairs into a blog metaphor about life, knowing where we start climbing, but the way gets less clear as you go along, from the vantage point of before starting. Unless you know the stairs, you have no idea what happens off to the upper left. Maybe there's more steps. Maybe there aren't. Maybe there's a walkway off to the left then more stairs. There could be a kid's slide just out of screen. Maybe, just maybe, there are aliens waiting at the top to do what aliens do.You have to climb the stairs to find out.

It was bright and sunny, making for bright cheerful images today, but I think having the snow on the trees makes them more interesting. Stay tuned, more coming.

Oh, and 17 x 100 CSS swim, then an easy 2 K run 13:20 on the track.

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