Thursday, February 2, 2017

I found a great spot

The sunrise had possibilities, but I didn't want to go too far this morning. It didn't look THAT good. I remembered the path that heads down into Fish Creek park from the very south and east end of Woodbine, the one where I nearly killed myself on a bike many years ago, and thought it had a nice view to the SE.

The trees have grown enough the view doesn't work for photos, but if you head north there's a nice-ish open spot. During the summer it might work really well, or if the clouds are over that way. Unfortunately today the clouds did not cooperate, and the actual sunrise was plain.

But not very far away is a great spot, one that I'll be going back to. I hadn't realized you could get this mountain view.

The sunrise view off to the SE is open and there's some nice landscape in Fish Creek, with the bump of the hospital on the horizon. Get the clouds and timing right and this could be spectacular. This photo, of course, is ruined by the nasty lens flare, even though the worst of it is already cropped.

Cropping it even more to get rid of the flare entirely gets this. It sort of works. Next time I'll compose better.

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