Friday, February 10, 2017


It's all about the blog, bout the blog, all about the blog...

I missed blogging last night, after about 150 days in a row. I hope you guys aren't thinking something terrible happened to me or anything. No. We went out for dinner last night, both of us celebrating the end of a very busy week. Fish and chip at the British Chippy, if you were wondering. That's how we roll.

Home and cats. And then my brain goes blank. Maybe I was captured by aliens, brain sucked, and now I'm an infiltrator or something. Who knows? In any case, the blog is here for fun. It's not a chore, and if I miss a day, then it happens.

I'm still working on the photo display thing. This blog isn't the best place for it, but I don't have another yet. I was putting together a draft version of the Adobe Portfolio, but don't really like it. There are some very nice photographer websites out there. Some are Wordpress, which I'm not sure I want to get into. Still considering alternatives. The photo book I referenced a few days ago has a long list of photographers, and I'm checking them out, both the photos themselves and their web sites. I'll keep you posted.

Fitness stuff. I used to blog a lot about fitness stuff, but not so much any more. I'm trying to settle into a level of activity that is sustainable as I slowly grow older, and lets me partake in a race every now and then. Reading about the actual training activity is boring for anybody that doesn't do it themselves. Often I treat the blog like a diary to note it, and move on. Sometimes the activity is a springboard to talking about something else.

My readers are a small but loyal bunch, and I appreciate every one of you, even if I don't know who you are. Don't be afraid to comment on a blog, but I realize Blogger isn't mobile friends and that sucks. Feel free to leave a comment on the Facebook or Twitter post that brought you here. Normally I pay very little attention the blogger reader stats but they went crazy earlier this week. I had thousands of readers from Vietnam. Or so Blogger said, but I don't believe it. I checked Google analytics, and that showed my readership hadn't changed.

Here's another vertical panorama from Fish Creek. As soon as I saw these two trees I thought of the two giant statues in the river that show up at the end of the first Lord of the Rings movies.

The work contract might put a bit of a crimp in my photo trips, but we'll see. My desk at work has a drawer that locks, so if I wanted I could take the camera to work. Who knows what I'll see along the way? Sunrise is about 8 am these days, and there's no point in showing up at work before 7 since my card won't unlock the door.

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