Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekend meet blur

If this is what retired life is like, I'm not sure I can take it. I'd better go into training.

Ran Thursday, kind of a clunky run, still feeling the half-marathon. I'm not sure what else happened all last week that kept me from blogging.

Up and tackled the lawn-jungle. That goes into the books as a workout! Long wet grass is no fun.
Then off to the 70.3 expo. My race shirt from last year is a L, but is a small L. I tried to trade it in, but the guy said just buy another the right size for $5. I guess he's heard it a lot. No, I'm not doing the race this year.
Coffee with my buddy Neil to talk lenses. I did a round of research ending up with expensive lenses, then more budget priced. Then Neil asked what I was taking pictures of and what I wanted to do. That got me recommendations for two different lenses (see below).
I rode up to Monogram, and back the scenic route around the reservoir, with only a bit of rain.
Cleaning wine bottles. They've built up lately. Can't imagine where all the empties come from.
Slept like crap.

Up to help Linda prepare for a rampage and trample expedition with a buddy to the Millarville Market. The buddy showed up and we had a lovely coffee and visit on the patio.  (Look out world!)
After they left, I went and picked out these bad boys.

Home and some quickie photos of the garden. It was like the first time I got on Estela. I'd been riding a bike all my life, but getting on a carbon race bike is a new world. These lenses are a new world! Focus and depth of field is critical!

15 K run 1:40. The weather channel said 20 but it was hotter, maybe 22 or 23, and direct sun. I was trying to run easy, keep my heart rate low, stay hydrated, and keep my cadence and pace even. Mostly it was good, falling off a bit towards the end. I never got to the place where it felt like the heat would overwhelm me and make me stop. For all that I was trying to take it easy, this turned out to be the fastest 15 K of the 6 I've done recently. Yay me!

After some putter around I scouted out a great place to watch them install the pedestrian bridge over Anderson Road. I was up till midnight watching. Here's an iPhone shot, and a T6 shot. I think I've picked out the two shots from the same time. The T6 is only slightly edited.

Up early and off to the Calgary 70.3 race to cheer on Michelle, and play with my new lenses. She had an awesome swim, and her team, 95 Yarn Bombers had a super day! Here they are, about to get started.

Then out to Bragg Creek for a garden viewing though the Horticultural Society. Very nice. The idea was to go into Bragg for lunch, but that took much longer than it should have. Traffic was terrible, but the rest of it was nice.
Home, short nap. BBQ bison burgers. Edit photos. Write blog, drink wine, out on the patio. So lovely.

Bang! Weekend over. I need a weekend to recover.

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  1. You're right, retirement sounds way too tiring. Your activity would account for three months for me!


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