Saturday, July 9, 2016

The inukshuk is gone

A few days ago I was in shooting photos in Fish Creek, and found a little inukshuk. There is a photo of it in this blog.

I ran past there this morning and it's gone. Such is life. Things are here, then they're gone. Flowers bloom, then the blooms fade or fall off. Or get eaten by a critter. Or there's a hailstorm. The lilies have been beaten up a bit by hail, and the peony bloom was getting on so it was past it's best before date. At least the hail wasn't so bad that the buds were damaged. (crosses fingers and hopes not to tempt fate.)

In any case, flowers are still pretty even when they are past their prime. You may expect to see flowers in all stages.

The point here is that there really is a season for all things. You have to enjoy it while the enjoying is good. Stop and smell the rose. Play the age appropriate games with your kid and don't worry about your dignity. Cuddle your cat and wave the laser pointer. Take your dog for a walk and throw the stick.

That TV show will always be there, immortalized on Netflix or on DVD. Get out for a run instead to enjoy the day. There will never ever be another sunrise or sunset quite like this one. Or go for a walk or a bike ride, whatever makes you happy. To date, nobody on their deathbed has said they wished they spent more time in the office working.

I had lunch today with a buddy, and we had a wonderful time. She's got a book on the go, and there is a deadline. (A sequel, I can't wait till April!) She's put a bunch of other stuff on hold till that's done, but still made time for me. I'm quite flattered. I've got lots on the go as well, but no deadlines at the moment. What was important is that we found a quiet place with good food, and had a lovely wide ranging chat. People time is important.

Todays run was what running is all about. 10 K, 1:05:30, for a 6:32 pace, trying to run nice and steady. It was warm but not hot. My legs were happy to run, which is a good feeling. I'd been thinking about running yesterday, but there was no way. My legs felt dead, and I ended up napping for 4 hours in the afternoon. I've been working hard on the running, so the drained feeling wasn't a surprise. Time for a rest day. I'm going to miss my long run on the weekend while I'm in a photography course. This should be lots of fun. If I pay attention and apply what I've learned, you should start seeing nicer photos here. Stay tuned.

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