Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gradual build triumph!

One of the recurring themes here is that I suck at gradually builds. I don't know how many times that appeared on the training plan, and every time I failed. When difference between doing the activity at all, and doing it at top speed is very small, the idea of a gradual build doesn't work so well.

So for example, my swim cruise speed is about 110 seconds per 100 m and I've done that over 3 k. My all out pace is ~90 seconds for 100 m, and not 25 m further. Not much space for a gradual build. Running and biking was much the same idea.

But running Tuesday! Holy totally by accident doodle! Check out these splits.

I started feeling pretty good after a warm up walk from my office to the downtown Y. My thought was mainly to run smooth and light, and trying to recruit my butt into helping run. It seemed like every time my phone chirped the time and pace info, there was noise around me so I didn't hear it very well. On the way back from the Crowchild bridge I could feel my running really settle into the groove. At times it felt effortless. I was beginning to feel my breathing a bit, but knew I didn't have far to go.

Seeing the splits after was astonishing to me. I hadn't planned to run each K faster than the one before, but that's nearly exactly what happened. And the final 2 K I was working, but it wasn't hurting, and I could have kept going for a little while anyway.

I'm not sure where all this has come from. Partly it's consistency, getting out there 3 days a week. I've shed a little weight, so the existing leg muscle doesn't have to carry around as much. Maybe I'm finally getting the hang of this running thing. I'm planning a bike ride this weekend, and it will be interesting to see if the run fitness carries over.

I ran Thursday, first attempt at hill repeats since forever. 3 x a little hill. I didn't puke. 5 K overall, 32:30, legs feeling kind of clunky and heavy.

I am loving the new camera lenses! I took the 100 mm to the race. If I got the focus right, I could shoot through the fence and it totally disappeared. Neat trick. There was a morning thunderstorm building, and the wide angle let me get it all in.


  1. Nice work!!! I did speed on Tuesday and hills on Thursday as well, also didn't puke but really wanted to.

  2. Awesome, Keith - dare I say you touched upon the elusive 'runner's high'???


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