Monday, November 10, 2014

That's going well, so far

Which is an in joke, if you had read the beginning of a novel that I've been working for several decades. Which you haven't. Sorry. Maybe if I tried publishing it, but I'm working on other projects.

The current one is pounding out a bridge between that novel twosome, and last year's Nano book. It's going well, over 5K words today, just over 31K words overall tonight. I can already tell, editing this is going to be a bit of a challenge.

What's that you say, a snippet? You'll have to speak up. Louder.

Saturday was a gorgeous day. Not quite run in shorts and a T, but almost. A couple people were. Michelle and I met up near the dam for an easy relaxed run. I wanted to see how the Sandy Beach bridge is coming along, and I didn't want to run 10 K to have to do it. Almost done, just have to pave the approach. I know lots of people are eager to have it back. But unless they arrived later that day, there isn't going to be any paving or concrete pouring any time soon.

On the way back the sky had these really cool looking clouds, and interesting colours. The photo doesn't really do them justice. The run ended up being 7 K in 56 minutes, with my legs feeling great after. We went around the track at the Glenmore Athletic park, which is sort of weird for me. I've never run on a springy surface like that.

The rose out front has turned some lovely colours. It's all white now.

Yesterday I was trying to write sitting in my easy chair in the den. I had a very tough audience. They have no sympathy at all for a daily word target. They only thing is the petting and affection quota, after the crunchy quota is met.

Stupid blogger and rotating photos. This was the fuel for Monday's writing, after getting back from a very nice swim. Much of it was doing some coaching for a buddy that is coming along really well. My own swim set a new 50 m record for me, 41 seconds with a sloppy flip turn.

The day's writing went really well. I spent part of it out in the lodge. We wanted to see how warm it would get with a fire inside, when it's a windy -15 C outside. It didn't warm up quite as much as I would have liked. Even wrapped up in reindeer hides, I was a bit on the cool side. A lot actually.

I was afraid to put too much wood on the fire because we don't have a proper spark cover grill thingie for it, and cedar sparks quite a bit. The charcoal doesn't flame as much, but it also doesn't throw as much heat. Further experimenting is in order.

Winter has arrived. I'm seriously thinking about running tomorrow, just long enough for a tusk. You've been warned.

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  1. It is a shame that they didn't get the paving done in time. There were crews out on the pathway between Edworthy and Shouldice on Saturday afternoon who I think were supposed to be finishing off the paving there (they tore up a bunch of pathway a couple of weeks ago). For the most part it looked like they were standing around debating what to do so I don't think they actually finished off the paving that they were supposed to.


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