Sunday, January 5, 2014

The last day of vacation

Two weeks! It's been so nice. It's gone so fast! I'm sure getting back into the groove of not working scary quick. I somehow thing adjusting to retirement will not be difficult.

The big thing was to get my novel in a state where I'm willing to let other people read it. Four intrepid readers have signed up, thank you so much! I've just discovered there is a chunk of repeated text so it's not 88K, it's 2500 words less.

It's kind of cold out today.

Here's the photos Michelle took. My phone froze because I had it in an outside pocket. First time for everything. For the first two her phone was shooting automatically.

Michelle and I planned to go for a run anyways. Here's the layers. Three pairs of pants, 4 shirts, jacket, gaiters. Nailed the layers, was warm without being too sweaty.

We even saw a few other people on the path. Hope they weren't scared of the frost and tusks. This time I was running with the face mask, and had to run without my glasses. They kept frosting up.

Overall we ran just over 7 K in an hour, which includes a slow selfie, and a cool down walk. The 37 St path was in excellent condition, getting there was a bit more fraught.

Oh, last news, if you know my buddy Susi, her email has been hacked. She is not in Ukraine, robbed.


  1. Brrrr! Good on you both for getting out there and getting it done! My sympathies for your end of vacation!


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