Saturday, January 4, 2014

So much for that idea

I was good. I got up early. I shoveled my drive way. My neighbor's sidewalk. My other neighbor's sidewalk and double driveway. I was doing core and warmup. I was ready to go. Well, mostly. It snowed about 5 cm last night. My running buddy had to turn back and change shoes after ice buildup in them.  Didn't sound like fun. I was not heartbroken, and settled into for a nice day inside.

Eventually I went out and got gaiters, which I need for snowshoeing, but made sure they could fit over running shoes too. We'll have another go at running tomorrow. Some other errands. Somewhere along the way, a simple thing like lightbulbs have become very complicated. I was in Rona to get a few more of the ones I need for the pot lights throughout most of the house. The bulbs are about $10 apiece, and I was all set to pick up a bigger pack of them for half the price apiece. Except, they aren't the same size, not quite. I'm glass I noticed.

Down in the basement we still have a few incandescents. The ones they don't make anymore. There was a geezer in the store, cleaning out the shelves. He had a shopping cart full. The other choices are baffling. Eventually I'll have to go there. My only problem is the ones that have mercury in them. Somewhere between me being in high school, where the teacher played with a blob of mercury in chemistry class, and now, they discovered that mercury is a horribly toxic substance. Fine as long as the bulb doesn't break. I hate the yucky pale white light from the newer bulbs I've seen. I hope to find something that works for us.

Here's some photos from the last little while. Curtis had been curled up, then Celina hopped up to but in. Now look where his right paw is. Love it.

The side of the house, snow falling. And falling.

Look! I'm a winner! I'd ordered this shortly after validating, and got a book at the same time. They arrived yesterday. Granted, I selected the cheapest post option, since otherwise the mail would have cost more than the items. But still, a month is a bit over the top for delivery time. Good thing I wasn't planning something from there as a gift. And while I'm on the topic, can you believe I've had only one volunteer beta reader for 88K words?

Here's the pitch. A small group of friends in present day Calgary react to changes in medical technologies over next few years. It starts with nearly instant cures for road rash, sunburn, and blisters, proceeds to an odd treatment for a heart attack, thence to never having to brush or floss your teeth, and to the consequences of advanced stem cell technologies. If you want a taste of what you'd be getting into, you can see some snippets here.  If you're a writer or a discerning reader that can answer a few simple questions, let me know. Please and thank you.

Back to the snow shots. This is just outside our back door. Still nothing to compare to that one photo I saw from the east coast, where the snow was nearly up to the door handle.

Still, there is a lot of snow here. Those 3 covered lumps are more than 3 feet high.

I am now having to be a bit careful looking out the car window as I'm backing out onto the street.


  1. Wow! you do have a lot of snow there! I had a pretty good 6k run this morning, It was still cold as all get out but I found enough plowed sidewalks and the sunshine was awesome.

    And of course I'd be happy to read your novel. I meant to offer yesterday but got distracted and forgot. I'll send you my email address by FB message.

    Have a good rest of your weekend!

  2. 1. Awwww Curtis! That's adorable! Kitty cuddles.
    2. I would love to read your novel. I'm not fast and have a few on the go but could move yours to the top if you need feedback.
    3. Can't wait to see your gaiters. You can laugh at my DIY gaiters.
    4. I need to ask you to show me how to create a table in a blog like I saw you do in your reply to my AMA. Highly technical. ;)

  3. I would volunteer for the novel reading, Keith, but I already have two manuscripts to look over for two of my writer friends before they send it into their editors - January will be full. But if you're still looking after I'm done, I'd be happy to read.

    And a late congrats on registering for the Calgary marathon. It should be a blast being the 50th anniversary and all! I'm still dithering and waiting for my mom to decide what she's doing for holidays before I make up my mind as to whether or not I'm heading out that way in the spring! Two nieces and a nephew are running the half in S'toon and they're trying to convince their old auntie to come and run with them!! That's the weekend before Calgary!!

    Love the picture of Curtis and Celina!!


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