Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bring me your tired cranky hamstrings

They can join mine.

I made it home after my massage on Tuesday, just barely. Whatever I thought was the problem was only the start of it. My therapist found all kinds of other tight knots. Hamstrings in particular.

The yoga class on Wednesday was an exercise in pain control. I'm glad I didn't scream and startle the class, but I had to bail out of some of the bendy poses.

There was a grumpy guy being a bitch about sharing a lane at the pool, but fortunately the lane beside him opened up when I was ready to start. I was laughing at him trying to swim. It was pretty bad. My 750 easy, 500 m alternating pull and kick, with 3 x 50 on 60 seconds, trying for 45 seconds each. Then 5 minutes hard water running after, and some cool down.

It's warm here today and the sidewalks are a sheet of ice. Even though I was looking forward to a run I decided it wasn't worth the risk. I slipped on one spot that I thought was concrete while checking my neighbor's mail. That wasn't so good.

Instead I went down for a spin session. Celina, the little sweat pervert, was trying to get me to go faster and get sweatier so she could lick it off me. It's hard to get a photo of a cat doing that, while keeping the pedals going.

30 minutes on the bike easy spin, then some stretching and core. Lots of muscles still tight. Looking forward to running in shorts and a tech shirt on the weekend.

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