Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday, Monday

Sunday was great. Read the Saturday papers. Drank coffee. Bottled a Uruguayan Tannat. It's nice out of the carboy, and should mellow nicely in the bottle. While doing that, I couldn't help but think of the Australian comedy sketch where they stop Americans on the street and ask them (among other things) for the name of a country beginning with U. None of them on the clip get it, and it's not like that's even a hard question. There's 7 of them, after all. (I missed United Arab Emirates and Uganda.)

Monday started with a swim. Mz. Elegant joined me part way through the warm up. We're just getting into the groove when another guy joins us. At first I thought with a crappy stroke like that he's going to be getting in our way. Oops. He easily swam faster than both of us, though I noticed he never did more than 100 m at once. He essentially swam head up crawl. I found out later he's an ex water polo swimmer. We tried to stay out of his way.

For once swimming with paddles was about the same speed as swimming without. It was a bit of a creaky warmup, but that passed. In the water 1.25 hours.

Ran an hour in the evening, hoping not to get pounded by the severe thunderstorm we were being warned about. I got hit by about 8 big fat rain drops, and that was all. The run itself was great! Nice and steady, high zone 2, legs felt strong and reliable.


  1. Uganda was the first country I thought of....funny about the clip. Glad you had a good swim and run. It's been pouring here every night for like 20 minutes but it comes down so hard it's incredible.

  2. lol... 8 big fat raindrops- you got off easy!!

  3. Jay Leno used to do a segment similar to that--mostly asking basic questions about American history and politics to people on the street. It's amazing how much Americans don't who our vice president is. Yikes.

  4. You are right, I should just run them over. The dirty looks don't seem to be working...

    Yah I might try Renfrew- I will stay out of your way though! You are wayyy faster than me!

    Glad you missed the thunderstorm- we were caught in it on our bikes!


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