Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am, really. Only did a couple things after work, only two of which were tri related.

  • One - got a phone call from my dear friend Susi, mostly re: our upcoming trip to Penticton and how we'll meet, tips for packing and getting transition organized.
  • Two - called the motel and double checked that we're really booked in like I thought.
  • Three - called our house sitter and made sure she had the dates for our trip.

Other than that I rested.

  • Except for test driving some new cookies. I was so tired last night I sloughed (pronounced "sluffed" for my American visitors who are spooked by the letter u when accompanied by other vowels) off my cookie QC duties. Linda was shocked and horrified.
  • Getting reaquainted with Amelia the cat, which involves a great deal of string animating and combing.
  • Except for finishing up corp tax stuff. My accountant thought of some other stuff she needed, which mainly involved me digging in drawers like a dog after a bone, and filling out a spreadsheet. I know many of you are horrified, but I spend a significant fraction of my working life buried in spreadsheets of one kind or another, so I don't mind. I even put in the cute dollar signs for her. I know this reassures accountants that I'm counting beans, and not smarties or cookies. They have different symbols, you know. § and © respectively. See, aren't I just a font of information. (hahahahaha!)

No lawn mowing (though it will need it soon) or cleaning the basement (that darn tri stuff is all over the place, looking like it wants to go on a trip or something).

Getting pumped for riding the north part of Highwood on Sat.


  1. Good for you, and you sound a ton better already :)

  2. Oh Yay! A spelling post (I love English)

    I used to live next a place in SoCal called the Famosa Slough (which is pronounced more like "slew" as the gh is silent). It was really more like a swamp, but I think that is what a slough really is, only it makes people feel better to be living next to the Famosa Slough and not the Famosa Swamp.

    Although, quite frankly, I don't think one particularly smells any better than the other, especially after rain.

    So, when you said that last night you "sloughed off" I wasn't so much spooked as was amused since one can "slough" (swamp definition) or in other words, one can "make his way through the mud and muck," which is not what you meant, but funny just the same.


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