Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Packing in progress

The big day is almost here! For the longest time it seemed forever away. Now it's getting real. Really real.

Tuesday was a mostly easy bike with some harder bits. Back in an hour, it was ok. Then out for a run that was a bit of a fright. My legs didn't mind moving a little bit, but they weren't having any of the faster intervals on the schedule. What's more, they were in collusion with my lungs. So picture this. There I am at a very slow run, even by my lax standards. My heart rate is about where I expected it to be, but my breathing was going like there was no tomorrow. When I boosted, or tried to boost the speed, my breathing went way up, as if I was running sprints. Even after a full warmup, my legs weren't having any of going fast. As near as I can figure it, my lungs were going as if my heart rate was 20 bpm faster. Very odd. But I'm not going to sweat it. I called it at half an hour. I've had good runs recently, and I have confidence the run will be there when I need it.

Today I slept in. Late morning I was out for a 90 minute bike, with 90 seconds HARD, and lots of time easy spin to recover. I did 6 of these on 6 minutes. At first my legs were wondering what was going on, since they felt a bit stiff and tired. But they came around and we had a good ride. Pushed really hard on a couple of them, and got my heart rate up to mid to high130's for 3 of them, mid 140's for 2 of them, and once above 150. Easy spin back.

Packing stuff up for the trip. Here's a photo showing progress so far.


  1. That is the way I pack - spread it all out and take inventory.

  2. I've had a rough and busy week so I'm just getting around to reading this. GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND. I wonder if you've left yet? I love the packing picture - looks like you have everything. One thing that I used on the run b/c it was so hot was a wrist sweat band, that helped a lot. Just an FYI.

    Can't wait to hear all about it. So excited for you and everyone else!!!!!

  3. All of your hard work is going to come home this weekend, Keith.
    Have a great race!!

  4. Have a great day Keith!

    Mel & I will be watching online.

  5. oh, and the cooking school here on campus posted the dinner menu for this semester:

    Opens Sept 8..we'll have to make reservations.

  6. Good luck Keith! I will be thinking about you lots on Sunday. You will OWN this race!

    I love how you pack, too. Everything is so clean!


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