Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's ok Susi, no gory photos this time

My thought was to do the bike ride on Saturday, and spectathlete on Sunday at the local 70.3. Well, life gets in the way. I woke up Sat totally bagged. I knew right off there was no point going out for the bike ride, even if it was going to be the nice day of the weekend. It was nice to have a quiet day, mostly off my feet. Reading. Getting my corporate tax stuff organized. Watching videos, and (gasp) drinking beer. Watched the new Alice in Wonderland, and the Red Baron. First was pretty good, the second was pretty bad, which disappointed me.

Sunday I was feeling much better. Then while having a peanut butter sandwich there was an extra loud crunch. I've been having a sensitive spot on one of my upper teeth for a while. I've been eating carefully, trying to make it last till a dental appointment in September. Not. A huge chunk of tooth fell away from the filling, and since I didn't spit it out I must have swallowed it. My dentist is at the 70.3 race, expecting to see me among others. From Cath's tweet I know she and Julie are done in good time. Yay!

I thought long and hard about going for a ride today, all the while probing the missing bits of toothness. Drinking and eating has to be done extremely carefully, since there is a filling hanging out in the open, and I'd really rather not damage it any more than it already is. One touch of liquid is painful. I don't want to think about biting down on anything; that might crumble the filling. It's only 30 some years old and done with what my fabulous dentist calls "a primitive technique, even for that time." Even breathing through my teeth sets up a whistle effect that irritates me. My upper jaw is aching. So I didn't ride. Overcoming the habits of a lifetime of eating and drinking is difficult enough without adding bicycle operation into the mix. Last thing I need is a crash to make it worse.

In the latest news I have a 9am appointment tomorrow with my dentist. I'm not deluding myself that he can fix it up good as new in one go. I suspect what will happen is that he'll mold some tooth goop into a shape that will seal things up for now, and plan whatever has to be done as a long term solution. Since one of the things we've discussed in recent appointments is the gradual replacement of these fillings it will be no surprise all that has to be taken into account.


  1. a million thank you's for no gory photos. i haven't yet recovered from the first batch. hmmm, is this likely a residual effect from the other time? at least it didn't happen in conjunction with other bloody body bits!! glad it was just the result of a vicious peanut butter sandwich. :)

  2. Oh bum, you poor thing! Not great! Shame we didn't get to catch up - will update a report of the race (and the hospital!) in 10 mins - funny? Kinda :) xx


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