Friday, August 27, 2010

Here, chipped, banded, and

temporarily released into the wild. Linda is shopping. I just figured out where the pre race meeting is, and thought I'd check email. Then, since I'm here, and love my readers SOOOOO MUCH! I thought I'd give you a quickie update.

The line up started at the inflatable arches at the entrance to the park. It took 20 minutes to even move. Took an hour to get into the tent. Then it was quick getting through. Saw Brian from Try It, my buddies Leana and Kelly R, and Jill in the line. Later in the swag tent I saw Jenna and Tisha. Thought about getting some stuff, but the line up to pay was horrible. Plus there was a funny smell in there that came and went that wasn't doing my tummy any good. Plus I'll be back there on Sat to drop bike and stuff off, There were some nice T shirts, but really, I'm more interested in the stuff with Finisher printed on it.

I invented a new yoga pose this morning. Feet up the sofa. Very relaxing. Going to drive the bike and run courses here in a few minutes. Motel is quiet, no street noise. Once we asked, we got a coffee maker, toaster, and microwave. The clerk said she wasn't expecting us till later, which is why they weren't in the room. I sort of wonder why they don't live in the room, but that'sjust me.

Weather here is very nice, not too hot. Race day looks like low 20's, which is PERFECT! Gotta go...


  1. LOL I thought the title said branded at first. I was thinking oh no what happened(like you got burnt or somthing). Keep on with the updates, glad to see the weather forecast looks good. It'll all be over before you know it so soak it up!! and of course have a solid race sunday.

  2. THinking of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the update.


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