Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The numbers are out. I am 1803 on the program, but number one in your hearts. Well, at least in some of your hearts. A couple of hearts at least. I hope. Later on this week I'll tell you how to use that number to keep track of me on the big day, just in case you don't already know.

Good swim, at one point sharing the lane with 3 others. Which was ok because we were all about the same speed. I had stuff to do and did it. Hanging onto a pull buoy with your ankles is hard when they are as skinny as mine. 1 hr.

Good run. Supposedly the plan was to start easy, and build every 20 minutes to half IM pace or faster. Well, we all know I suck at gradual builds. By the end of the first 20 minutes I'm settled into my top of zone 2 pace. That ended up being 35 minutes exactly at the end of the first 5K. I picked it up for the second 5K (after a really short aid station break on my patio) and got back in just a hair over 30 minutes. I'm really pleased at that pace, but that's essentially a 10 K pace and I couldn't have kept it up much longer today. It was really hot out, and I needed a bit of water more often than every 30 minutes. Settled into an easy run for the next 20 minutes to flush out my legs and cool down. Walked a bit more to round out the 90 minutes.

By this time a week from now, I hope to be looking with satisfaction at various neatly packed bags with all my stuff. Then Thursday will be a snap. Bring on the taper madness!


  1. you suck at ALL gradual builds? ;)

  2. Good luck, you've put the time in, now go kick ass!

  3. Ralph Waldo Emerson was born in 1803.

    There you go.

    Good luck!

  4. Of course you're number 1! Can't wait to follow you :)))

    C x

  5. woot woot!! i am so stoked for you!!! i plan on losing my voice screaming and cheering you on at imc. see you soon!! xoxo


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