Monday, June 21, 2010

Tired legs

I was looking forward to the swim, even with the "all out" lurking in there. 4 times. Well, once really, but there was a 4x in front of it, so you know what I mean.

I had a lane to myself for most of the swim, until I was starting the all out stuff. Then a guy who couldn't swim hopped into the lane, but fortunately he spent more time panting at the end of the lane than swimming in it, so he didn't get in my way. Good warmup and lots of drill stuff, then into the all out. Which went pretty good, consistent at least. Now, by all out, some of you probably envision me swimming myself right out of the pool up on the deck with teeth clenched and regretting the little bit of breakfast I had. Not so. Sorry to disappoint you. I had to sneak in a couple extra breaths rather than be strictly bilateral. (But then, if bi-vegetarian can mean being open to meat, then bilateral can include some same side breathing.) At least I'm not unilateral.

Anyways. 1 hr in the pool, feeling pretty good. Happy with the times, and hope my coach is too.

Last you heard, I was thinking about heading downstairs for some core work. I fell asleep instead. But never fear, I started the core tonight before the run. Plank and pushups to failure. Tricep dips to very tired arms. Squats were fine, but taken cautiously to be careful of knees. Lots of fitball crunches. That was 20 minutes. Started with really easy run, and very gradually getting my stride. It took about 15 minutes to find the groove, and another 15 before I felt able to push it faster than a very very slow run. The next 20 minutes was good, feeling surprisingly strong, with good turnover and good breathing. All good things come to an end, and the last 5 minutes of very easy to cool down came just in time. Walked another 5 minutes, stretched, and did a bit more core.


  1. My core strength drills are push ups, the plank and crunches. will check out the tricep dips next.

    Falling asleep, could be me ;-)

  2. Those timing chips were pretty messed up. Why would anyone do it that way?

    I could never grow a mustache. Teh 'Bride hates facial hair and if you're thinking, "Well, it's YOUR face" - think again.

    You're married. You must get it.

    Note to other commenters: This comment has zero to do with this post - I went totally off-topic. So don't think you missed something when you read it.

    Although you may have missed something, because I detect a lot of subtlety and subtext ...

    Just effen with ya! Hahahahaha! On a KEFF post? Subtext? NO WAY!1!

  3. I love your description of all out! Haha!

    What a treat from the universe that the dude who was a slow swimmer didn't get in your way! Yay!

  4. "Guy-who-couldn't-swim" sounds like what I would have done in your lane. Except I would have also clung to the wall with my hand on the side. Or I would have swam with a noodle. I'm so cool.


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