Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A tiger and two camels

Walk into a bar. No, they don't, different story. This story turns out well, but it was a bit scary for a while. Some thieves stole a truck and trailer transporting a tiger and two camels (Jonas, Shawn, and Todd, respectively.) Nobody knows why exactly, or how long it took before they discovered exactly who was in the trailer. One can imagine their surprise. The trailer, complete with critters, was discovered almost a week later with the animals in good condition. They are now back at the zoo. One wag suggested the thieves will never be found precisely because the tiger is in good condition. Who says nothing ever happens in Canada?

Throughout the entire episode, the name that kept coming to mind was John Dortmunder. Some of you are smiling already. The rest of you need to find out who he is, and you're in for a treat. I could just picture this as a Dortmunder story, except that Westlake (may he rest in peace) would never have come up with anything so far fetched. Anyways, that was running through my mind during my run today. Just trying to imagine the various scenarios and the look on the crooks faces when they figure out exactly what they've got.

As usual, the day started with a swim. Lots of people in the pool today and I'm grateful for small blessings, all of them stayed out of my way. Not that I was in a hurry or anything, but I was swimming very purposefully. 4x 50 golf on 65 sec, 90, 89, 88, 86 which is not particularly impressive for me, though normally I give myself a bit more time between rounds. 1.25 hrs.

Hot and humid for the run. Down into Fish Creek. No idea how far. It took almost half the run to get into a happy running place. The first half felt kind of plodding, heart rate high zone 2. There was some surges at the halfway point, and from there it was much easier to settle back into my normal pace with my heart rate picking up into low zone 3. My hams had been on the verge of cramping, then after the surge they were ok. Go figure. More tired surges at the 80 minute point, then hanging on till the 90 minute mark. I didn't quite get back to my starting place even though I was running better in the second half. I remind you the second half is all uphill. Tired at the end, beginning to feel the heat in my face. I suspect I was getting red, but I manage to keep running.  I'm hoping to get more hot and humid runs in. I need the practice.

Seriously. Go look up John Dortmunder the character, in books by Donald Westlake. Oh, what the heck. I'm feeling generous. Click here. Drowned Hopes is my fave, though it's hard to pick. What's special about it is there is a chapter that is shared in another book by a different author. Same scene, same characters, different point of view. Both are hilarious. I'll let you figure it out.

Oh, and yoga. Lots of pigeon pose. I was happy. The rest of the class was not. This is the second last class. Bedtime now.


  1. Thanks for the link. I was feeling lazy. And when that happens I "starfish."

  2. I think it has been a tough week! Maybe we aren't used to the heat? I don't know if I ever found my groove on my run on Wednesday.

    Crazy story about the camels and the tiger, eh? I would have liked to have seen the look on their faces when they realized what they got.

    How are you feeling about GWN? Hope to see you there!


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