Saturday, June 5, 2010

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Thursday the jungle had to be mowed. Had To Be Mowed. I'm counting that as an hour walking, between weed whacking it down to where the mower could deal with it, and pushing the reel mower around.

Swim and run migrated from Friday to Saturday. Friday I woke up and said no way. Friday evening was latish at work and then we went shopping for BBQ toys.

Swim was good, 1 hour. Doing 2 x 750m at race pace, with two other slower swimmers to dodge. At least she could swim.

Then acupuncture. She's never put so many needles into me at once. wow. At this point I'm not sure I'm feeling better, but I think a good nights sleep will help.

I was just getting ready to go for a run when the rain, hail, and thunder started. I put off my run an hour or so, and had a beautiful sunny run. 55 minutes, 30 minutes at 10K pace, or desired 10 K pace, or doable fraction of the desired 10K pace. Take your pick. Lots of funny little nigglies I haven't had. I'll put them down to acupuncture aftermath.

Estela's parts have not all arrived. They offered to check what had been installed, but they were pretty sure the old chain rings were off and the new cassette on. Plus it looked like crap weather for the weekend anyways. Bad to mix worn parts with new parts. They were reminded I have a race next weekend - Wasa Oly.

Oh, and I'm signed up for GWN. Hope to see some of you there.


  1. How does acupuncture compare to a massage? Is it relaxing and do you feel all those little needles?

    Can't believe Wasa is almost here -- WOW!! I'll be cheering for you even if it might be in spirit! :)

  2. Funny about the 10k pace. I hope the weather starts behaving more for you guys. It's about that time.


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