Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Better, but still not right

The Monday swim was pretty good. Only 45 minutes, lots of different stuff. My flip turns were a bit sloppy, and I attribute that to my sore hip. I could tell from the feel of it that deep water running wouldn't be good, and actually running was right out. Too bad, it was nice out. I did some stretches and gentle twists trying to relax the tight muscles. You know how it feels when something 'clicks' then feels better? I got a 'THUNK' that echoed up and down my body a few times. Things felt better after that, but still not totally right.

Today I was on the bike after some loosening exercises and easy stretching. My hip feels much better. The spinning was going ok, though it was falling apart at 120 rpm. If anything was hurting, it was my calves feeling a bit tight. The second part of the main set was a seated/standing climbing set. Seated was fine. Standing was the subject of an urgent stop work order posted by my hip flexors and some other muscles. I guess the different degree of stretching was too much. After that even the seated pedaling was sloppy and starting to hurt so I did a few minutes of easy cool down, for 45 minutes total.

I wasn't sure how the core routine with the one leg squats would work out, but I was pleasantly surprised. The entire core routine was just fine. Even the one minute plank wasn't bad. Did some additional stretching for 45 minutes overall, but there wasn't any rewarding clicks or obvious improvements. With any luck I'll sleep well tonight, and can try to run tomorrow.


  1. I've been dreaming about that click for ages in my hip, I know EXACTLY what you mean :) Fingers crossed you're all sorted for tomorrow :)

  2. wow.
    I aspire to do one minute plank!! I have to get on my core work big time...I find it boring and it hurts so I rarely do it!!

  3. There you go again, making me feel all lazy for being completely unable to keep up with ya!


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