Wednesday, June 4, 2008

happy bouncy feet

My deal for Tues am was that if I was up early to go for a run, I would. But if I was sleeping till the alarm clock, actually sleeping, then no guilt. zzzzzz

Tues evening was my first wetsuit experience. I'm just guessing here, but you probably want the details. There were only 2 XL in Try-it, a starter and one almost twice that price. You can guess which one I hoped fit. I tried that one on first. I'm just glad there were no cameras. What was funny is that a girl in the next change room was complaining about getting into a tri-suit or a swimsuit. Once I got the first one adjusted and pulled on further than I thought possible it actually fit pretty well. Just for practice I tried putting on the other one. The torso was just a bit shorter and smaller. It zipped up, but just barely. The nice man helping tugged at it a little here and there, made me put my arms over my head and said it wasn't worth taking the time to snug it up, it couldn't be made to fit as well as the other one. So it got ordered and should arrive within a week. I sweated into both suits, and felt a little sorry for the next person to try them on. I tried not to think about the last person to try them on. Also picked up an new swim suit and race belt. Once I got home, Estela growled at me when I even thought about putting her on the trainer. I think she's still on the rush from the weekend's ride. I did wine stuff and went to bed early.

Wed am. Running clothes still laid out. Woke up at 3:30, listened to rain, rolled over and went back to sleep. Really didn't want to swim, I had my brain full of work stuff and wanted to get it down on paper while it was fresh in my mind. Wed evening the IGP was R 30 min ez. Great! Off I go. My goal was to concentrate on form, nice quick strides, leaning forward a little, light and quiet footsteps. For most of the first K I'm looking at my heart rate monitor and not believing it. From my breathing I was guessing it should be about 130 or so, and the watch is saying 80 to 90. Then suddenly it jumped to more real numbers.

I kept going, not trying to push the pace, listening to my feet and legs. They felt strong, with the exception of a twinge here and there. I was pushing my heart rate up a bit. From my breathing I think I was in a solid zone 3 pace. So technically, not an "ez" pace at all but I didn't think I was really working all that hard. I've had some rest and was feeling pretty good. Walked over to the ball game to stretch on the bleachers and watch for a while.

1K 7:00
2K 6:37
3K 6:30
4K 6:57
5K 6:40
Total 33:46.

Starting to prepare for Vulcan trip. I'm looking forward to a fun time.


  1. Good luck in Vulcan Keith, I'm sure you'll do well!

  2. i can't wait for vulcan. i will be there with pom-poms cheering on you and miss kelsey!

    fricka, fracka, firecracker, shish, boom, baaah! go keith, go keith, rah, rah, raaaaaah!!!!

  3. Have a blast in Vulcan Keith- you are going to have a great day!! I wish I could be finally meet the Shark!!! :) :)

  4. The SHARK is hardcore!!! Glad you got a wetsuit. Now you will look like a penquin. Shark in a penquin's clothes. They won;t suspect a thing.

  5. All the best to you in your event this weekend!! I will be sending some positive vibes your way!! And have fun!


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