Monday, February 6, 2023

The last of that walk

Last November Sean and I snowshoed through Fish Creek near Shannon Terrace. That's the very west end of the park, for those that aren't familiar. It's usually considered the most scenic part, and is certainly where I go a lot. There's always something different to see, and the changing light makes for great nature photography.

We kind of missed out on great light, but as always, the company and searching for the image is the best part. I took along the Canon 7 with Kodak Gold 200 film, which might seem sort of odd given that it was snowy, but it had still been a colourful fall when the film went in the camera.

Part of the fun of a photo ramble with another person is getting a chance to see what interests them. Sometimes I wonder "what the heck are they doing", sometimes it's "why didn't I see that?" I haven't seen any of Sean's photo's from Fish Creek, but he and I had been on another walk in Big Hill Springs park in January. If you're interested in our different visions, you can see my photos here, and his here

1. Closeups are hard on a range finder camera, but I was interested in seeing what the resolution of the film was. 

2. The ever photogenic bridge 2. 

3. For some reason I was fascinated by these steps. There was a pair of women trying to stay out of the shot, but I was trying to think through the composition and exposure, and wanted them to walk through and do their thing. It's interesting seeing the reactions of people to a working photographer. Lots of people are trying to be considerate by staying out of the photo, and they don't realize I want them in the  photo. Other people are totally oblivious to the camera, and me trying to work around them. Some people showboat for the camera, others ignore it. Some give me a dirty look, others come and chat. All in a day's work. 

4. Sean on the mission to find the next photo.

5. This patch stays ice free pretty well year round. I don't know why. Sometimes dark water is good for reflections, but that didn't work out so well here.

6. There are a ton of cyclists that like to ride through Fish Creek. There's been times I'm out there in a snow storm, and see the fresh fat bike tire tracks. This woman stalled going up that little hill and nearly fell over.

7. Not Fish Creek anymore, as any Calgarian will know. 

8. Our front garden, looking at the roses poking out from the snow, wondering how the snow and shadows will turn out.

9. One of the peonies, wanting to see how the light on the dead leaves turned out, and the contrast between full light on one side, and dark shadows on the other.

Don't forget the AMA feature is on right now. I've got a rough draft response to the first question, which is sort of a related 6 part question. You can send in your Ask Me Anything question by commenting here (which works best on a desktop, and when I say best, I mean only, Blogger hates mobile devices for commenting.) You can email me keith at nucleus dot com, text me, even (gasp) Facebook message me if we're friends there. I think I've landed on the position that I'll still look at it, particularly for messages, notifications, and the groups I belong to.

And related, sort of, I've had several people sign up for the blog notification email. Thanks very much! Getting added to that list is as simple as sending me your email address. Some of my addresses are sadly out of date for old friends, and I've never had email for some people. Often the people on the email list get a little extra in the email.

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