Thursday, June 3, 2021

May Image of the Month

Nobody should be surprised that flowers, tulips in particular, are at the top of the list for May. They're typically the first post-winter hits of real, vibrant colour in the garden. Which isn't always easy. It actually snowed in May, which isn't a terribly big surprise, but we had first summer as well. 

It was a tough choice to boil it down to these three. Several others were in the running. All of these happen to be new to the blog, which doesn't happen often. No plan, it just worked out that way.

2nd Runner Up
You may have seen a larger version of this tulip bowed down from the water drops. This is actually a separate shot, not a cropped version. So much orange!

1st Runner Up
The light was astonishing for this shot so it didn't take much editing to get those hints of translucence. Plus those reds and oranges!

Image of the Month
This isn't quite the same smack of colour upside the head, but I loved how the white catches the light and some of the colour of other nearby tulips. It radiates calm and serene.


  1. First and second runners up are the attention grabbers. It is though the subtleties of the winner that encourage me to linger. I'm pretty sure there are even more subtleties than I can see on this screen version. Nicely done. Cheers, Sean

  2. I love tulips, but for some reason have never had success growing them. This year I had one lone yellow tulip, a sad statement but still a cheery sight when nothing much else was blooming :)

  3. All lovely images but I have to say my favourite is the second runner up. Love the colours and the unusual crop. A real eye-catcher, from my point-of-view - but then I love colour.


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