Friday, May 28, 2021

Flowery Friday 3

I missed last Friday, sorry about that. Not sure what happened. Busy retirement life, I guess. The work contract took another step towards ending. We had a meeting to transition what I had done so far on a part of the project to Max, since he's actually an employee. We've worked together on a bunch of stuff, and he wasn't making any sounds of shock and horror at what I'd done so far. I'm quite sure he will finish up just fine. 

The piece of the project that had been consuming my life the first part of the year has been declared a resounding success! Yay team! There are tentative plans for an on line party to celebrate, but that's probably the last of it for me. I'm making preliminary plans to shut down my consulting company, unless someone wants to buy it.

On to flowers, for the first week of May. Let's see if blogger screws up the order again, like it did yesterday with the Reader Rock garden photos. Apparently not.

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Artsy stone

Linda on a beach.

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