Friday, April 16, 2021

The white peony is getting started

Spring is really on a tear here. It's been warm and sunny, and there's plants exploding out of the ground. I think the flower of the day is going to have to become a regular thing now. I started flowery Friday last year in late May, and was behind all summer. I might start earlier this year. 

This is the white peony just poking the first exploratory stalks out. Can't wait to see what it produces this year as it tries for Image of the Year.

There's hyacinths almost ready to bloom. But first a serendipity tree from New Zealand, in the Dunedin city gardens. This is one of the first photos from our 2020 trip.

I was out for a walk yesterday, hoping to visit Fish Creek on the opposite side from where I was last week. However, there is construction. They're building a large pad in the river underneath 22X. No idea why. I went elsewhere and parked, hoping to walk into that location but no, the path under the bridge is entirely closed. This is the view from just below where I parked. That drab half dead grass look is why landscapes are so difficult this time of year. At least one of my regular readers knows exactly where this was taken.

In a more technical note, the Feed Burner thingie. I've never understood it, but I'm pretty sure some of my readers get my blog through it. In any case, it's going away in July, if I understand a recent notice correctly. So if that's you, and you haven't already, you might want to sign up for my own email notification service. Send me your email, and you get prompt notification that a new blog is published, along with some idea of what you are getting into, and often some extra tidbits.

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