Thursday, April 22, 2021

Once again

Here we are again, another round of summer, winter, and kind of spring. Day before yesterday was warm enough to go hiking in K Country wearing a light sweatshirt and traction aids. Yesterday was warm enough to barbecue both lunch and supper, though we didn't actually eat out on the patio. It was warm enough that we could have, but the patio furniture is still covered in winter guck and needs to be pressure washed. Today it's snowing off and on, with a raw wind making it not nice at all to be outside.

The hike with Sean was fun, though I didn't take all that many photos. The footing was treacherous enough to make following the creek rule a good idea. What's that rule, you ask? Wading through the creek in search of photos are two completely separate activities. One wades, or one looks for or takes photos. Never both at the same time, unless you want to find out how waterproof your camera is. I'll have to go back there when the weather is nicer, even though it's a popular spot, and likely to be overrun with bike riders.

Sean had some problems with his traction aids along the way. At one point I hung out at a picnic table while he backtracked a bit to find one that somehow fell off his boot. For a time there was complete silence. No human made noises. No wind in the trees. No birds. It was lovely.

So far the flowers in the front beds seem to be hanging in there. 

One of the newest flowers, blooming in between snowfalls. It doesn't look so happy this morning.

Construction has started on the sound wall beside the new highway. I feel for the people living along the berm. The next couple months are going to be noise and dust, just as the weather is getting nice. They've been living with construction for several years now. It must seem endless. I'll be taking photos from this vantage point over the next little while.

In binging news, we finished off season 3 of Grey's Anatomy. We cheered at how the wedding scene ended. The main show writer seems to be working from the rule 'what's the worst thing that could happen to this character?' So far we've been thoroughly entertained.

Of the Day
And because it's such a crappy day out, I wanted a reminder of the sunny warmth of New Zealand. 



Front Bed
From the 19th.

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  1. What crazy weather you have out there. I guess the plants must be adapted to it but still... Glad you're enjoying Grey's Anatomy. I'm actually thinking of going back and watching it from the beginning. I'm going to miss it when the current season ends.


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