Saturday, October 24, 2020

Still snowing this morning

But last night, as the snow fell, I was in a peculiar mood. I was watching some of Adam Savage's one day build videos, admiring his cave, and thinking about the mindset of being a maker. That's what he calls himself as he makes in his cave. It's the most amazing place, full of tools and supplies. He thinks of a project, and makes it, and videos the whole thing, goofs, fixes, and all. They're like eating peanuts, you can't watch just one.

It got me thinking about winter, and working with the camera in what I'm pleased to call a studio in the basement. (Stop laughing Sean.) Many of my macro photos are taken there, and I'm hoping to do many more. I want to revisit my glass paperweights and get nice photos of them, which is surprisingly hard to do. Getting macro photos of the innards is a possibility as well. I've got a list somewhere of potential subjects, and I'm working on a major subject project. I need to do some prototyping on that. More news as it happens.

But there I was, in a peculiar mood when I looked outside at the falling snow. Thinking of warm and cozy places instead of snow. Then I ran for the camera.

In the daylight this morning, after shovelling away another 4 cm of snow overnight. There is a total of 24 cm of snow on our patio table. You don't need a photo of that, it would just depress you. Off to prep for an outdoor kid's Halloween party, and do photos of the party itself.

Of the Day
Flower. The rose is still hanging in there, sort of.

White Peony



  1. Great pictures!
    And yes, it's October!! This is wrong!

  2. One of the great magic elements of photography is that the finished image doesn't care about the studio. The finished image just cares about the heart and effort it took to be made - your heart and effort are all good. Cheers, Sean

  3. Love the first image. Heaps of stuff to catch one's imagination. Sucks about the snow - though it does make for cool pics.


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