Tuesday, February 25, 2020

We punched our eco card

We wanted to visit the Orokonui Ecosanctuary after the beach yesterday, but we spent too long on the beach. It would have been closed shortly after getting there. So we didn't.

Today we went there first, then did some more beach. For those that don't know what an ecosanctuary is, consider that New Zealand essentially didn't have any mammals before humans came along and introduced all sorts of species. Most of the native species don't compete well, and were dying out. An ecosanctuary is one of the solutions; putting up a varmint proof fence around a big area, and let the native species have a chance. It's a lot of work.

1. We saw these little guys at a feeder.



4. And dragonflies. Or maybe damselflies.

5. This is a Takahe.

6. A close up of the feathers, which are sort of cool. It's more like a fabric than feathers.

7. The obligatory artsy shot (non-beach division).

8. The obligatory artsy shot (beach division). Yes, we did go to the beach afterward. It was a little bit more cloudy, but still nice. And almost completely empty.


Driftwood of the Day

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  1. Oh dear. Now there are two obligatory shots artsy shots in different shots. The complexity just keeps increasing. I think I'll need a spreadsheet. Now I understand why the Takahe can't fly. The poor bird is draped in fabric - nice detail. #1 and # 4 are also strong. #3 would have worked better for me if the feet and branch were more in focus. Then the contrast between still and start of flight would have been more pronounced. Cheers, Sean


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