Saturday, February 22, 2020

Biz class $$$$, Feb beach day, priceless!

Today was our first beach day of NZ vacation! Dunedin has two beaches (at least) within city limits. We explored St Kilda and St Clair beaches. I don't know why they have two separate names for what is one long stretch of sand. It's a lovely beach, soft mostly white sand. Not much driftwood for me to shoot, but there was a bit.

I hit Moana pool for a nice swim first. Last time here I didn't swim for two months, and it was like my arms forgot how when I got home. It took most of the year to get it back. I'm determined not to let that happen again! If I can get in even once a week, that will keep the water feel. I hope.

There's a surfing school that I watched for a bit. It's quite a reasonable price, and I'm tempted. The south end is the busy end. We got there a bit before lunch. Fish and chip. This is going to be a staple here for us I think, because it's so damn good! Yesterday we had some for lunch, and it was better than we've ever had in Calgary, but only so-so by NZ standards. Today's was quite good.

We strolled (gently) after, down to the heated salt water pool, and back to the other end. Well, Linda went all the way to the end. I parked my butt on a log for a bit and watched the world go by for a while. The beach gradually got more people on it, in two big bunches near the parking areas, but it was never what you'd call crowded.

It was sunny and warm, but not hot. There was a nice onshore breeze. This is what vacation is about.

1. Linda consorting with some sea lions. This one is named Mum.

2. Linda saying hello to the ocean.

3. Half of the beach.




7. The obligatory artsy shot.

8. The other end of the beach, with the old posts.


9. Me resting, waiting for Linda to come back.

And of course, Driftwood of the Day, now into the genuine NZ article.

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