Monday, February 24, 2020

Another day, another 3 beaches

So there we were, trying to make up our minds. So many beaches. So many choices. Decisions, decision. But the day started with this view from our apartment.


We landed on these three.
Ocean View beach.
Brighton beach.
Long beach.

All were beautiful. We strolled and loved the beautiful day. The winner in terms of driftwood was Brighton. Holy doodle! It had the most amazing piece of driftwood that I've ever seen. I was around and around, shooting it with different lenses. It might be worth a blog of it's own. The rocks nearby were pretty amazing too. But I kept on taking photos of reflections.

2. This is Ocean View.

3. This was a surprise. I've never seen this on a beach before.


4. Brighton.

5. Linda is so happy with this vacation she is walking on clouds.

6. The obligatory artsy shot.


8. Another surprise, we almost walked into this sea lion on Long Beach.

Driftwood of the Day


  1. LOVE the pic of Linda walking on the cloud! The beaches look fabulous - as does the sunshine. I can almost feel the warmth :)

  2. Well isn't that just a lovely set of images, waves, clouds, beach and timing. I presume the seal's name is Sandy. Cheers, Sean


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