Thursday, February 27, 2020

The driftwood environment

Can you believe it? Another day on the beach! This was past Brighton beach, towards Taieri Mouth, and a bit past it. Lots of driftwood, but what was interesting this time was actual little dunes on the beach. I think they get lots of wind there. I got lots of my usual driftwood shots, but started including some of the rills and mini-dunes around the driftwood.

There were some that seemed worth doing as panoramas. Some include a bit of moody sky. Some of these might work well as B&W, and I'll look at those on the main computer when I'm home again.



3. My eyes did not see that streak along the horizon.




I almost walked past this, then noticed the subtle patterns in the sand. I channeled my buddy Sean who likes such compositions, and had a go.

Pick the one above you like the most for Driftwood of the Day.


  1. Love #3 - that streak in the sky is beautiful. The sky seems so different there - bigger/deeper? Something. I find that the sky changes depending where you are (Northern Ontario always seemed so much closer - and, of course, Saskatchewan's is so vast). Good holiday so far - thanks for bringing me along ;)

  2. I am with Janet on #3. As you suspected I do like #7, especially the bottom half. Cheers, Sean


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