Friday, February 14, 2020

An abstract, because

I got to looking at this the other day, and wondered what the camera could do with it. It really is a plain object. Some of you have seen it. There is no special lighting. And yes, that's a bit of a selfie in the middle. It sort of suits one of my interests, that of using an ordinary thing to make an interesting photo.

Deadwood of the Day
Soon I will be off on a major photographic expedition to renew my supply of driftwood photos. But first, in the serendipity department, a hens and chicks.


  1. Love the first image especially. Is it a metal lampshade? Great colours and symmetry.

  2. Looks like a pot shot to me, and a good one at that. As you prepare for a another driftwood capture journey, do you see yourself approaching the subject matter any differently? Cheers, Sean


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