Saturday, September 29, 2018

Thinking of my buddy Susi

It snowed last night. Very lightly, but undeniably snow. Yes, that white stuff is on the lawn, just a little beyond a really heavy frost.

I think our plants are done for the year, but there are still some not yet made public. Here's some, mostly purple, mainly for Susi, in her warm snug island home where it only rarely snows. She's asked me to come visit, and the temptation is there. But lots to do this fall, so I'm not sure.

Last week I was out helping my neighbours update their community association membership. It's one of those things that people mean to do, but in our busy world they need a reminder. I knocked on one door, and through the stained glass I could see two bicycles parked where most people would put a dining room table. I was so hoping they'd open the door.

She did. The living room faced south, and I was blown away by how she had converted it into an  office. A nice desk, various plants and flowers, some small sculptures, it was a beautiful working space. We had a nice chat while she renewed. She runs several companies, some related to industrial safety, and was talking about working towards the hygiene certificate. I talked a bit about how Susi had worked from being a P Eng in the oil industry, to an industrial hygiene officer for the province.

I've known Susi since we both started the same week at the same company, with offices across from one another. It seems like just an eye blink ago. She got me into triathlon, and is currently trying to uninsulated my 6 pack. An act of optimism if ever there was one.

It's funny, I've worked at lots of different jobs over the years, and it seems like I stay friends with someone from almost every job, even after one or both of us leave it. The local ones are easier to stay in touch with, but even with various technologies it's easy to let people slip away. I've been trying not to do that. So far, in retirement, I've had lunch or coffee with someone every week, getting caught up and maintaining friendships. If I haven't seen you for a while, and you can work me into your busy schedule, get in touch with me.

After some brilliant Fish Creek colour yesterday and the day before, here's a bit of different colour from our garden. Stay tuned, there's more Fish Creek coming, including one that is certainly a finalist for image of the month, at least, and probably even image of the year.

So what do we have here? Clematis, Dahlia, Clematis, Clematis, Dahlia. Enjoy.

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