Thursday, August 8, 2013

Me, trying the social butterfly thing

Some people naturally seem to have busy social lives. They flit from meet up to meet up. Coffee here, lunch there, after work drinks at another place, dinner with a beau, late night meetings at Tubby Dog or a pizza place. They run into their friends at race starts with thousands of other people around. You have to get on their calendar weeks in advance, or bump into them at just the right time and place.

Even though I'm tall and can see over top of most crowds, I rarely seem to run into people I know that are at the same race (Hello Julie A!). Sometimes they spot me first (Hello Kelly R!). Sometimes people I've never met come up to say, Hello, aren't you Keith? That's happened a bunch of times (Hello Dan, Cath, Jason, Kelsey, and probably a few more I can't bring to mind at the moment).

I've been buddies with Gord since we did shiftwork together many, many years ago. I suspect some of my readers weren't born when we first met. There was a time when I got every other Friday off, and we regularly met up for coffee and chat. We haven't done that for a while, so we made plans to meet in Turner Valley for breakfast this morning. That's really nice to get caught up, and breakfast at Chuck Wagon is always good.

From there I zoomed back into town to run with Cori. We've been buddies on blogs and Twitter for a while, but have never met up. She has some nice 5 K loops near here, and that's what my legs seem to be happy with these days. We had a very chat chat run, and hope to do more. This is one of the things I love about social media, to be able to meet new people that share your interests. No awkward pauses wondering what to say.

Here's some stuff. The first spike is crossing Anderson, and the second is the selfie at the top of the hill. This is pace and elevation from RunMeter.

Here's the pace and elevation from her electronics. Like I said, I think the elevation is a little wonky.

The busiest/noisiest part of the whole run was along Southland, but everything else was nice and quiet.  It's a very nice neighbourhood to run through.

And here's the promised selfie. The photo is better on her blog. My excuse is that the regular camera is much better than the front facing, and it's really hard to know exactly where the camera is pointing. I'm just glad I didn't jiggle the phone as I tried to press the button.

The run goes much quicker when you're chatting. At the end my legs were all, what why are we stopping? I could easily have run more. Stretched and rollered once I got home. That's two good runs in a row, maybe it's time to push the distance up a tiny bit. It makes me much more hopeful about my goal for next year.

Yesterday's massage was all about my legs. I knew the left one was still a bit tight in places, but AE found lots more tightness and worked on it. I'm not sure if she was rolling a ball tool across the sole of my foot, or it was a knuckle, but Holy Hannah! I was actually feeling a bit beat up afterwards, since it involved breathing to the pain for a few minutes. Good pain. Things were a bit creaky last night, but after a good stretch and mobility session this morning they were ready to go.

Now I should go do my business tax paperwork. There isn't much to do, really not. But somehow I'm just not in the mood. I see some other blog buddies have posted, so I will go read.

Tomorrow is When Words Collide. How many of you will I see there?


  1. It sounds fun. :)

    I need to get out for some more buddy runs. It's been such a fight just to be able to run lately, I haven't been ready to subject anyone else to it.

    1. I know exactly how that feels, to never know if you'll make even a little easy run. I'd hate to do a meet up, and have to turn around early. Kind of hard on the other person, if they've got a particular run in mind. The buddy runs kind of take your mind off the internal world, wondering about every little tweak and niggle.

  2. That's so awesome - I just jumped over to Cori's blog (which I lurk daily jumping over there from your sidebar blog roll...great sidebar blog roll, Keith) so I got to read her take on the run. I'm always amazed at how much better a run is when you're with a buddy (and the time flies). Glad the legs are cooperating - two good runs in, YAY!!!

    1. Thanks! I use my blogroll every day, and the ones on other blogs, like, like YOURS! (I don't need no steenk'in Reeder!) I've been seriously thinking about organizing it into separate lists, but then I'd have to figure out how to categorize them. I like blogs that are all about different stuff at different times. Sort of like me.

  3. I am so behind on my blog commenting! Eep!

    It was so wonderful to finally meet up with you for a run and chat! Glad we could make it happen!


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