Monday, August 26, 2013

Fast tired writing

Sunday night I was up way past my bedtime. We had a quiet day here then went up to the Global Fest fireworks display. It's pretty amazing. The fireworks are some of the best you'll see without having to travel to specialty shows. The food vendors are varied to say the least. The cultural displays are fun.

The only problem is the traffic. Picture 20,000 people and no parking to speak of. None. They close off roads and the nearby neighbourhoods. We parked in a mall parking lot about a kilometre away. That's not bad for us to walk. The worst is getting out again. I very carefully chose my spot, and we got very lucky. Just 25 minutes after reaching the car we were home, and almost all of that was driving. It's about 25 minutes. Last year my buddy Gord was not so fortunate, and we were in the car about an hour before we got 100 m from the parking spot.

If it wasn't for that we'd probably buy a pass and go to all the nights. Explore the cultural stuff in a bit more detail, a few at a time. But dealing with traffic after is brutal. There are shuttle buses, but they can't move till the huge wave of humanity leaves.

If I'd been on the ball I'd have run on Sunday, but didn't. When I got up Monday I was very stiff and creaky. I gradually worked through it during the day, and with a good warmup I was almost ready for a run in the evening. It was slow and heavy, and not too long, but it was a good warmup for some stretching and core.

I thought of a variant on the thing I wrote that was supposed to be an ending, that works better. I had some plotting ideas at work today and scribbled them down. Now I'm playing with it a bit, actually rearranging text and chapters. This is kind of fun. If I got left alone for a little while I might have something that was almost the first draft of a novel.

Too tired to show you the pretty picture, though you might have seen it on Facebook or Twitter.
Too tired to show you the runmeter graph that I'm not sure I believe tonight.
Too tired to pick the nice labels that warn you what you are getting into. Suck it up princess.

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  1. 20,000 people? I wouldn't even attempt to get down there and park, Keith!!! But I can imagine the show was spectacular!!!

    And doesn't staying up past bedtime throw you for a loop? Sure sign I'm not as young as I used to be - takes me days to recover.

    Very excited about your writing adventure!!!


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