Monday, October 1, 2012

Last day of summer

I suspect this might be the last outdoor run in shorts and t shirt. It's supposed to get crappy tomorrow and snow on Wednesday. Sigh. Can't complain though, this was the warmest summer in Calgary since nearly forever.

Swam this morning 30 minutes. 1K warmup and pushing a bit. Then 4 all out 50's on 60 seconds, with a bit of a bigger break in the middle. Backstroke to cool down.

Ran after getting home and dealing with trades people fallout. They can't even make a 4 hour time window. You can't book a time, you book morning or afternoon. They say they give you a 30 minute heads up call and mostly they do. I've asked for 45 because there is no way I'm going to sit at home peeing away potential billable hours waiting for a guy that is going to call and rebook. Every single time we've called these people and set a time, they have called that day to rebook. Once, it was the very, very first appointment of the day, and we still got bumped.

Still, the run made me happy again. 5 K, running steady and moderate, just under 33 minutes including warming up going uphill.

I see Khadr is in a Canadian prison now, after the Haper government has done everything in it's power to keep him in the American Gulag. Vic (if you don't agree with the Harper government you're a pedophile) Toews has already made it clear to the people that he appoints to the parole board that he wants Khadr to rot in prison the rest of his life. Talk about poisoning the very concept of an independent parole hearing. And don't even start with the "convicted terrorist" routine; he was tortured into admitting guilt. There's probably fuel for a full blog on that topic alone, but it will have to be another time.


  1. Keep faith. We could get a blizzard, but it might still warm back up enough in December for shorts.

  2. True. I think I've in shorts every month of the year.


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