Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A short one this time

To balance out that last one. I got a bit carried away, and it was only when I walked past the computer as Linda was reading that I realized what an intimidating wall of text it was.

Monday Monday morning I was in the pool for a half hour swim. I just wasn't with it at all.

Monday night I was on the bike again for another 1.5 hours. Another good strong workout that I'm really pleased with. Writing the blog kept me up late, but there was a lot of stuff there that had been on my mind, and I wanted to get it written.

Tuesday I was in bed early. Really early. Like 7:30. Asleep like a rock.

Wednesday swim was 30 minutes of goodness. 1 K 18:25. 6x 50 m on 1 minute all under 50 seconds.

Wednesday yoga, well, let's just say I'm glad there weren't any balance poses tonight. I could barely do the warrior poses.

Short enough for you? Bedtime now.

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