Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I got rhythm

I got it during my swim this morning. Big time. All of a sudden I realize what a smooth rhythmical swim complete with rotation felt like, since I was doing it. I'm not sure what else I've been doing all these years. It was good. Till I started thinking about it, and it stopped. I slowed down a bit, but not too much, though I was working a bit harder.

40 minutes, 1K in 18:25 (30 seconds faster than Monday and a lot less effort), 5x50 on 60 seconds aiming for 45 seconds and stopping at 50 seconds. 1 all out in 41 seconds. Backstroke cool down to fill out the time. Chatted with Katie a few minutes.

No excitement at yoga tonight, but very relaxing. Nice.

I just found out I can trade my old iPad in for $50! How about that? I even still have the original box. About the only other choice is to spend a bit more money on mylar glass cover and some sticky feet so it doesn't slide around my desk, and use it for a big track pad.

It was very amusing following the American debate via twitter. One blog buddy was shouting at the debate. Often. There were a number of very snarky comments. I think these sorts of things should have a big lie clock above each candidate. A panel of non-partisan experts research each thing the candidates say, in real time, and increment the clock for every lie. It should be placed where the candidate cannot see it, and the audience cannot avoid seeing it. I'd like to think a 3 digit clock would be enough.

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