Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hold it pajama yoga

I'm not much of a Halloween kind of guy. I know people that plan for, and make a big production of Halloween. Dressing up. The treats. The kids. On and on. Whatever floats your boat.

We were fortunate that tonight was yoga, and we didn't plan on skipping it. FF suggested everybody come in pajamas. It was mostly regulars, and mostly in pajamas. Not me. Regular stuff.

I think FF had been to a yoga teacher's "thing" and they told her everybody has to hold their poses longer. It seemed like we were in them forever tonight, and my legs are still cranky. There was an interesting bind pose I didn't even try, and 3 kinds of child pose, any one of which is my least favourite yoga pose. Child pose is torture.

Even savasana wasn't good tonight. My tailbone was feeling the pressure, and I could not get settled. My mind wasn't quiet either. I know the body and mind are related, and it's difficult to have just one of them quiet. I'm not sure which was driving the other tonight.

For example, during savasana I was simultaneously writing this blog, and teaching some geezers pre-introductory yoga. These were first class geezers, coming to the class in the pants hiked up to the armpits with suspenders, and shoes, a cane, and two walkers. I admired their enthusiasm, and we started with a simple standing pose. That took most of the class.

Really dank and foggy out there. Seriously depressing, though I got two happy making things at work today. One of them was a big reference spreadsheet, with 12459 rows that I care about right now, and another 1000 or so I'll care about in a little while. The other thing is write access to the tables for a particular database. Life is good. I know only a couple other people reading this that would share and understand my happiness in this. Yes, I am a geek, in some respects.

In other news, it took almost 5 minutes to figure out what key Curtis pressed on the keyboard that made my screen disappear. Cats and keyboards do not get along very well, especially when a human is trying to write.


  1. Been thinking about trying yoga again... I tried it before and I kept getting in my way... Now I'm 35 lbs into a new routine, and I find myself wanting something else to do. With fewer rolls of extra Leauxra, I have a feeling some of these poses might not feel so... cramped.

    The hot yoga classes terrify me though.

  2. Hot yoga terrifies me too. it's for people with no heat issues that already know the poses and are comfortable with their range of motion. And don't have any aversion to other people's sweat. Congrats on the weight loss! It is easier as some of you goes away. Talk to the studio before signing up to understand what you're getting into, lots of different kinds. Some might not work for you and others will.

  3. Too funny, Keith! Loved this post. The mental picture i have of your geezers is great. :-)

  4. Glad you liked it. I think I saw a couple of the same geezers out on the path this morning. I'm not sure how that one guy managed to look around for me over his right shoulder, while drifting strongly to the left. Good thing there was no oncoming traffic.


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