Friday, October 7, 2011


I've been dragging my body around this week, just a bit, but am mostly recovered from the race. At least enough that I was thinking about going out for a bike ride last night, if it hadn't been raining, and wasn't cold. Yeah, I'm such a weenie. The weekend is supposed to be nice so I held off on the trainer tire struggle, just in case I can fit in one more ride outside.

Any advice on bike trainers? My buddy Cath loves her Tacx Bushido. I'd like to get one with a power meter, which of course means it comes with all the other goodies. What's your experience?

Yoga on Wednesday was a painful experience. My low back was still very tight. By the time I was getting into the poses, the rest of the class was getting ready for the next one, and it's not like F was going fast. Oh no. It was me being slow.

Work has been thoroughly zoom. The deadlines are closing in. Our team is frantically getting our deliverables ready to fling over the wall. So of course, yesterday me and another team member were in an all day course for ProVision. I'd had an intro class so I was all set up, but that intro class had been a slit your wrists experience. This one was much better, and we actually learned something. It still seems to be going 3 sides around the square to get to where you want, and I don't like the printed output, but I don't have a choice in these things.

Plus, we lose a day moving offices. Normally office moves are a domino chain of events, but my office roomie and me swap with another office. Nothing else. Just a swap, and we both end up further away from our team leaders. Plus, we lose our tiny slice of the view of the mountains from between two buildings. Our view is a blank concrete wall now. Sigh. At least it works out for my schedule, since I had to leave early that day anyway.

Saturday is Kona! There are several people I'm going to follow, but I don't know if I'll do it the same way I did last time. Here's who I'm following, hope I didn't miss anyone. And what a pain that list is to work with. Idiots at IM that publish it that way. Grrrr.

127 Uli Bromme

404 Jill Kirker

1170 Lorraine Churchill

1472 Elizabeth Waterstraat

1479 Jennifer Mansell

1275 Darin Hunter

1699 Michelle Milot
I'll be cheering these people on throughout the day, and hope it's the day they dream of.

Plus of course, Chrissie and Rinnie. I hope they have the best day ever, and THAT should be a race we'll be talking about for years to come.

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  1. I'm holding off on the trainer tire too. I know I can always change it back, but it seems like an admission of winter to put it on right now. I just can't do it yet.


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