Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Teenaged hormones

No, not me. Not even close.

I was totally grossed out at the pool today. Those of you who know exactly what I did when I worked for the City of Calgary all those years ago will understand how hard it is to gross me out. But those kids succeeded.

Just like there is football season, or basketball season, there is a swim season. All the local high schools get the kids in the pool twice a week, and have a competition at the end. Every pool has the kids from the local high school coming in so you can't escape. This goes on for about a month. I can't remember. Today was the first day.

It's fun watching the kids swim. Some of them are very, very fast. Some, well, lets just say they need all the practice they can get. So this morning I'm doing my lengths in the lane next to them. They swim a bit, then stand in a group in the deep end to listen to their coach yell at them. It's not quite chest deep on me. There I am breathing to my left, looking at all the legs, and a funny shaped bum. I take another look, and there is a pair of them. They are funny looking because this couple has their hands down the back of each other's swim suits. Well down, if you get my drift.

I was trying to do a flip turn and not gack at the same time. I'd never thought of such a thing in a public pool and all. This was beyond hair, or bandaids, or even snot floating in the pool as far as the squick factor was concerned. I was thinking I should complain, but I'm sure they'd just deny it, and I really had no idea who it was.

The rest of my swim was uneventful. 1K in sometimes choppy water, a little under 20 minutes, working on form. Then hustling in to work. Sigh. I miss the long swims when I didn't need to rush out of the pool.

Then after work I hopped on the bike for 1.5 hour spin. During a good warm up, I actually did some one leg drill, just to see how it felt. Just to see how long before I had to quit. Mumblety seconds. Katie would shake her head and give me a sad look. Most of the spin was a little faster than normal at a middling effort. I was trying to spin the legs and work up a bit of a sweat, but not overdo it. I wanted to work on the circle thing. It's coming back.


  1. Ewwwwwww!! WTH is wrong with kids these days???

  2. Oh man. That is disgusting. Wow. Do they think nobody will see them?


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