Sunday, October 30, 2011

Katie's cupcakes

No seriously, it was warm out, almost hot even. The weather web page said 16 C (61 F), and I think it was warmer than that. Shorts and T shirt weather! Love it. We had lots of days in July and August that weren't this nice. Maybe I should have rearranged my day and gone for a bike ride outside.

But then Katie would be bereft or something, thinking I didn't love her, or her cupcakes anymore. We can't have that. Spin actually went really well, lots of interesting stuff. I was on the bike 2 hours, and I think the time has come to replace the shorts I did IMC. Let's just say there was some rubbing, and a slight bit of chafe in a couple of places perilously close to taint.

But the spin was smooth, which made me happy. For a long time at spin sessions it was all about survival and not puking. Then I got to where I could get through them mostly in one piece. Then I had a bad stretch where I struggled. Now the spin is going good and I'm enjoying it.

In the end I didn't run off the bike. I did the 2 hours, then spent some extra time stretching, then moving into Katie's Killer Core session. Many many pushups. I got the first 5 done regulation, and the other 50 or so were from my knees. What else was there? I don't remember. There is a hazy recollection of side plank, but it's all a sweaty blur after that.

Well, there was yummy cupcakes, with chocolate chips in them. That's important.


  1. Cupcakes make everything better. Especially the ones w/chocolate chips in them.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog today. Very helpful and supportie. Appreciate it more than you know...

  2. Not only does she make killer cupcakes, she can plank for 16 minutes, isn't that right? REALLY plank too -- not like those dumb people that lie around on top of things and say they are planking.

  3. Sounds like you deserve cupcakes after all of that!

  4. Cupcakes make everything better!

  5. Cupcakes after a crazy core session sounds like the perfect incentive to make it through!


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