Saturday, May 28, 2011

Workout habit

It's monsoon season up here. Lots of rain. Rivers are flooding. Some places have warm rain, which sort of boggles my mind. Here, if it's raining, it's cold. But I ran anyway on Friday.

About 20 minutes of core, and choked because a podcast of a CBC show I wanted to listen to wasn't working. The run was so-so, which is to be expected when you haven't run for a while. It took about 20 minutes to feel half way decent. My heart rate and breathing were way up, for a slow pace. Later they settled down again. Only 5 K, 35 minutes.

I simply have to get more regular about the running. And back into the pool at least once a week. Onto the bike once in a while would be good. Sad how easy it is to get out of the habit, and how hard the life balance thing really is. I find it more and more amazing that people with small children manage to get their workouts done, along with everything else.

My latest distraction is the TED talks app on the iPad. I thought I was sort of keeping up with what was going on in the world, and I'm not. Not even close. There is amazing stuff happening. All of the speakers are good, and some are incredible. Google Hans Rosling. He does some of the best presentations I've ever seen.

Sad to say, I'm back in the market for a massage therapist. JL is moving back to New Brunswick to be closer to her family. Sigh. I'm happy for her, but it means trying to find another mobile therapist. Or going to a clinic, which means there you are on the table all relaxed (hopefully), and the next thing you have to do is drive home, which builds the stress again.

For a while this morning I thought it was going to be nice. The sun was starting to come out. The roads are almost dry. But when I walked over to get the morning papers I realized that it's still raining, very lightly. Yes, here in Calgary it's possible for the sun to be shining, and rain to be coming down. Often. Who knows  when the jungle will be mowed?

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