Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The elbow and goober boy

There I am innocently standing in line for coffee this morning. The guy in front of me is on his cell phone, oblivious to the world, left elbow straight out to get the phone to his ear. Suddenly he realizes it's his turn, and twists sharply to his left to point with his right hand at the muffin he wanted. I'm glad I was paying attention because he'd have got me in the face.

Yoga tonight had goober breath show up again. At least he was on time. But today I moved over one space to get further away from him, and what does he? Moves over one space himself. Bastard. Even worse was the full on snoring starting about 3 breaths into savasana. The snoring kept on even after the bell was tingled. I think his wife poked him.

No run yesterday. I think the dolphin kick was a bit more stressful on my knees than I thought, since both were cranky. I'd have run tonight if we hadn't had yoga.

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  1. Goober breath=not okay. Why are people so incapable of self monitoring their behavior? Take the hint buddy, I don't want to be next you!!! I have actually gotten up and moved entirely across the room before to avoid certain yoga people. Hey, if they're going to ruin your zenniness, you have to get away from them.


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