Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not going to bike in this wind

Friday and Saturday I was locked up in a small room for most of the day. The chairs weren't particularly comfortable, so I sat in the back row and stretched a bit a few times to keep from locking up altogether.

Stretched 30 minutes today, after a leisurely coffee and paper read. I find that listening to the CBC podcasts of The Current is a good way to ensure I keep at it, without having to worry about the time. Some interesting stuff there.

My back has been continuing to improve, which makes me very happy. Today's run was 1 hour, nice and easy, concentrating on good posture and running easily. I think I'm finally getting used to these shoes. My legs wanted to run faster than my lungs and heart were willing to work. I was trying to stay at the top of zone 2, but my heart rate was consistently into zone 3 by about 5 bpm. My breathing was relaxed and no back pain involved at all! You have no idea how good that feels! When I tried to slow down to get my heart rate down, my run stride went all to crap. My heart and lungs need to start getting back on the cardio build program.

It was a cool and windy day for a run, and it would have miserable on the bike.

Weekly Summary
Run 2 hrs.
Core/stretching 2.5 hrs


  1. The wind sure made for a sketchy bike ride! Better to be running on the ground where you don't get blown over or if you do it's at slower speeds!!

  2. I actually rode on my trainer this weekend. I attempted a ride outside and turned around. I wouldn't have enjoyed it and being a new cyclist, I was worried about getting blown off the road.


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