Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Surprised a dust bunny in my swim bag

This morning I was scurrying around shoving stuff into my swim bag. Normally I pack it the night before, but I wasn't that organized. My eyes weren't totally open, but that's ok. I'm used to it.

Imagine my surprise when a dust bunny made a break for freedom while I'm taking stuff out to change at the pool. It's been a little while since my last swim, but I hadn't thought it was THAT long. Either that or the dust bunnies in our house breed quicker than expected. It drowned in a puddle on the change room floor.

Chatted briefly with my lifeguard buddy L, and more with my buddy Deb at the pool. One of these days after a swim we're going to have to play hooky from work for a while so she can give me a ride on her awesome motorbike and I can buy her breakfast after.

I only swam a half hour, very easy today. My left shoulder was feeling a bit floppy during the recovery, and not especially strong during the stroke. My dolphin kick, such as it is, was pathetic. No core left, it would appear. Still, it was nice to be in the pool again, and stretch out. Much better than the painful last swim.

Monday was a rest day, with just some light stretching. I'd been thinking about a run, but both knees are feeling a bit cranky so I'll work on the lawn and rack some wine. If I get ambitious maybe some core.

Oh, and SUAR has a great giveaway on her blog. If you go there, and if you enter, be sure to tell her that you heard about her blog, and the great giveaway, (to say nothing of her fantastic biological exploits), from me. That OUGHT to be good for another entry.

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